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February 19, 2011

A quick yet very important note regarding cleansing and detoxification. Be careful!

Detoxification programs are a growing part of the wellness industry. On one hand this is exciting because it means that as a whole we are becoming aware of  the negative health effects that accumulated toxins have on the body and that we need to take a very active role in our own wellness. On the other hand, it means that there are a million products and programs out there claiming to "detoxify and cleanse", creating a lot of confusion and in some cases, danger.

The premise of a cleanse is that the product you consume will bind to the toxins in your body to form intermediary molecules and then transport them out of the body. The intermediary molecules, however may be MORE TOXIC than the toxin in its original state. For this reason, it is important that the products you use are researched and proven to effectively transport the intermediary molecules out of the body.

There are many safe, healthy programs on the market. Currently we endorse Metagenics and Standard Process products because of their years of quality research and innovation. As more information becomes available regarding this topic and other methods and products for detoxification, we'll pass it on ! 

Health and Happiness,

Dr. Tammy Bohne'